Chlorine Free Neat Cutting Oil

ECOCUT 715 is a low misting, neat cutting oil con-  taining a high percentage of chlorine-free EP com-
bination and polar lubricity improvers.
The use of a special base and selected additive packages in ECOCUT 715 significantly reduces oil mist formation in comparison to conventional cut- ting oils..

ECOCUT 715 is a chlorine-free, high performance broaching oil for difficult and extremely difficult-to-
machine materials.
Apart from broaching it is also recommended for other machining processes, when a low-viscosity, highly active cutting oil is required, eg. deep hole drilling
ECOCUT 715 increases economy by extending tool life.

Low misting, leading to better hygiene, work- shop cleanliness
Chlorine free extreme pressure additives offer enhanced tool life.
Optimised lubricity offers excellent surface fin- ish.
Generates less frictional heat during severe operations, thus causing no fire hazards.

Under proper sealed condition at ambient temperature, shelf life is 3 years.

Typical Characteristics

Properties Typical Value Test Method
Appearance Yellow Clear Liquid Visual
Density at 29.5?C, g/ml 0.880 ASTM D 4052
Viscosity @ 40 deg.C, cSt 16 ASTM D 445
Flash Point, deg.C 160 min. ASTM D 92
Neutralisation Number, mg KOH/g 1.0 ASTM D 974
Copper strip corrosion rating, degree 4 ASTM D 130
Four Ball Weld Load, kg 800 ASTM D 2783