Chlorine Free Neat Cutting Oil

ECOCUT HS R 10 LE is a mineral oil based light- coloured, skin-compatible,chlorine-free low viscosi- ty grinding oil. ECOCUT HS R 10 LE offers excellent cooling properties. This product is low foaming at high pressure. The use of premium base oil and specially selected additives in ECOCUT HS R 10 LE reduces the oil mist and oil vapour compared to conventional oils


ECOCUT HS R 10 LE is recommended for all high speed grinding operations specially for gear grind- ing, with high material removal.
ECOCUT HS R 10 LE is also suitable for external cylindrical and internal grinding, creep feed grind- ing.
ECOCUT HS R 10 LE can be used in conjunction with ceramic and galvanized CBN grinding wheels. ECOCUT HS R 10 LE is not recommended for use with non-ferrous materials

• Reduce consumption because low-misting and low evaporation
• Free of chlorine, zinc and heavy metals
• increase grinding wheel life
• Provide consistent grinding performance
• Produce outstanding surface finishes
• Good filterability
• Low foaming
• Optimum wetting, cooling and flushing perfor- mance

Under proper sealed condition at ambient temperature, shelf life is 3 years.

Typical Characteristics

Properties Typical Value Test Method
Appearance Yellow Clear Liquid Visual
Density at 29.5?C, g/ml 0.845 ASTM D 4052
Viscosity @ 40 deg.C, cSt 10 ASTM D 445
Flash Point, deg.C 154 min. ASTM D 92
Neutralisation Number, mg KOH/g 1.5 ASTM D 974
Copper strip corrosion rating, degree 4 ASTM D 130
Four Ball Weld Load, kg 800 ASTM D 2783