In manufacturing today, the demands made on cutting fluids have increased enormously. As part of the Industry 4.0 concept, the entire added-value chain of people, machines, logistics and cutting fluids should be interlinked and optimized to achieve largely self-organizing production with the help of advanced IT and communications technologies. For this, cutting fluid measurement data must be accessible online, evaluated and corresponding adjustments made. For measured data to be accurately analyzed, high stability cutting fluids are essential.

Innovative Materials

In today’s world of automotive manufacturing, cast iron is being increasingly replaced by lighter aluminium alloys and tungsten–coated tools offer greater economies in highly–developed machining processes. Products in the 21st century demand very close manufacturing tolerances and the shortest possible manufacturing times.

Advanced Products

FUCHS – the global leader in the field of specialty lubricants – offers innovative cutting fluids for sophisticated processes in automotive industries such as the machining of crankcases, crankshaft grinding or the honing of critical bearing surfaces.

Safe, economical and sustainable in use

FUCHS is the specialist for metalworking operations.Our water-miscible cutting fluids are safe and reliable and fulfil all legislative requirements so that their use can be judged to be almost risk-free. The sustainability of our ECOCOOL products was factored into their formulation. FUCHS cutting fluids thus
offer long service life.

FUCHS cutting fluids are:

  • Free of nitrosamine-forming secondary amines
  • Free of hard complexing agents
  • Skin compatible
  • Sustainable
  • Economical
  • Reach compliant

This means more than just workshop safety for ECOCOOL users. ECOCOOL lubricants are also extraordinarily long-life and economical. This lowers operating, maintenance and disposal costs. In addition, the carefully selected ingredients increase skin compatibility even at high pH values.

Optimum Technical Properties

FUCHS cutting fluids fulfil the technical requirements and make machining operations more efficient. ECOCOOL products guarantee:

  • Optimum cooling and flushing
  • Outstanding lubricity
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Effective corrosion protection
  • Low foaming
  • Good results with innovative materials
  • Excellent EP properties

For the ECOCOOL user, this means more process reliability, more effective and efficient staging and less expensive machine down time.

Available throughout the world

Our customers are located throughout the world and our cutting fluids are available where they are. This means that all raw materials must be registered and comply with chemical regulations in the respective
countries. FUCHS offers water-miscible cutting fluids under the name ECOCOOL GLOBAL which can be manufactured anywhere in the world with the same formulation. This allows users to pursue globally-harmonized manufacturing processes with the same fluids.

Practical Application Recommendations.

Water miscible Type pH @5% DW Application (Operations & Materials)
ECOCOOL 700 NBF M Semi synthetic 9.2 Machining of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, inconel,
titanium, die steel and other hard material to machine.
Stable in hard water upto 800 ppm, offering long sump
life with less oil consumption.
ECOCOOL 705 I Semi synthetic 8.9 Machining and grinding of sensitive grade of aluminium
primarily. It can be used for brass and copper.
ECOCOOL 600 NBF C Semi synthetic 9.1 Machining and grinding of ferrous materials. Stable in
hard water upto 800 ppm.
ECOCOOL 650 NBF I Semi synthetic 9.3 Special product for centreless grinding and bearing grinding
ECOCOOL 68 CF2 L Semi synthetic 9.2 Machining of steel and cast iron. Stable in hard water
upto 600 ppm
ECOCOOL 4810 Semi synthetic 8.8 Machining of aluminium. Specially developed for piston
ECOCOOL SSUP Synthetic 9.4 Special product for cylindrical grinding. Specially
developed for steel plant for roll grinding
Neat oils Flash Point C Kin. Viscosity
O Cst @40 C
Application (Operations & Materials)
ECOCUT HFN 5 I > 135 5-7 Special Product for bearing and cylinder block honing.
ECOCUT HFN 5LE > 135 5-7 Low misting , low evaporating chlorine free oil, especially suitable for honing and carbide grinding.
RATAK HFN 15B > 135 5-7 Recommended for honing and grinding ,especially suitable for carbide grinding.
ECOCUT HFN 10LE > 150 9-11 Low misting, low evaporating oil , especially suitable for grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Series includes higher viscosities for hydraulic systems and for normal to difficult machining operations.
ECOCUT HFN 16LE > 200 16 Special product for swiss lathe slide head machine for ferrous and non-ferrous material
RATAK MSN 321 > 170 21 High performance oil developed for spline broaching.
RATAK MN 201 > 160 19-22 General machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.
ECOCUT 628 B > 160 27-30 Suitable for hobbing, threading and broaching application. Contains Sulphur.
ECOCUT 732 I > 195 32 High performance neat cutting oil specially developed for gear hobbing, gear shaving, gear shaping and thread rolling.

The complete Forming Lubricants programme from the Specialists

The manufacturing of cold formed parts involves a large number of complex steps. These steps are independent on each other and carefully matched. And in particular, the lubricants used have to guarantee optimum compatibility throughout the process. Crosscompatibility is constantly monitored in our own, state-of-the-art research facilities and laboratories. This guarantees a reliable process chain starting with cleaning, to metalworking, through to corrosion protection.

As well as constant monitoring, we regularly add new products to our program. Apart from conventional products and solutions, we also offer products which conform to environmental regulations. Decades of experience, far-reaching know-how, global approvals from leading manufacturers and our local experts make our product program unique for safety and reliability, for efficiency and cost savings. They represent a promise – Technology that pays off.

The benefits of FUCHS system products:

  • Intensive consultation, optimum service – worldwide
  • Full range of products – all from one supplier
  • Fully compatible products
  • No process failures caused by product incompatibility
  • Thorough testing in in-house facilities
  • Close cooperation in obtaining approvals

Innovation to provide process reliability

FUCHS lubricants understand the challenges in today's metal forming applications. Light weighting of components, diverse
substrates, productivity, regulatory challenges, and increasing part complexities will all continue to create substantial changes to the industry and require more robust lubricants to meet your process requirements. FUCHS has developed a comprehensive
portfolio of metal forming lubricants to advance your operation now and into the future.

Practical Application Recommendations

Product Viscosity Application (Operations & Materials)
Forming and Drawing    
RENOFORM HBT 581/3   Drawing paste with solid lubricants suitable for highest deformation
ratio. Suitable for steel, GI, aluminium.
TUFDRAW 1730 R 22cst @
Heavy duty water dilutable drawing and stamping fluid for steel,
stainless steel, aluminum and nickel alloys.
Blanking / Stamping / Cold Forging    
RENOFORM SSI 28 M 2.3 cst Evaporative oil for stamping of precision ferrous and non-ferrous
RENOFORM SV 6483 X 2.0 cst Evaporative oil for stamping of silicon steel laminations
RENOFORM MZAN 51 100 cst High performance fine blanking oil. Suitable for tough chrome,
nickel and vanadium alloys.
RENOFORM 319 FM 195 cst Extreme pressure cold forging lubricants for cold heads and cold part
formers. Excellent results in extrusion.
RENOFORM 319 I 85 cst Extreme pressure cold forging lubricants for cold heads and cold part
formers. Excellent results in extrusion.
RATAK MSN 322 45 cst Extreme pressure cold forging of nut and cold forging of rivets,
lubricants for cold heads and cold part formers.
RENOFORM 51 NF 350 cst Extreme pressure lubricants for pilgering, deep drawing, blanking
and cold heads and extrusion. Suitable for tough chrome, nickel and
vanadium alloys.
Wire / Tube Drawing    
RENOFORM FW 9 90 cst High performance aluminium wire drawing for RBD (rod brakedown) application.
RENOFORM FW 2 20 cst High performance aluminium wire drawing for fine wire drawing application.
RENOFORM MCU 20 8.8 pH High performance copper wire drawing for RBD (rod brake down)
Application 8 to 10 % in soft water.
MASTERSOL C21 PLUS 8.5 pH Copper wire drawing for fine wire drawing Application 3 to 5 % in soft water
RENOFORM MF 10 M 8.8 pH Copper wire drawing for fine wire drawing Application 8 to 10 % in softwater.
RENOFORM 640 /33 600 cst Tube drawing lubricant for copper and aluminium.