Propametic Vacuum Barrier Film / Aluminum Barrier Bags


Propametic Vacuum Barrier Film / Aluminum Barrier Bags

BENZ Aluminum Barrier Bag is produced by multiple layers of Polyester, Nylon, Foil & Polyethylene to provide a strong and safe package for moisture sensitive products. This highly flexible structure is easy to Vacuum & Seal. The multi-layer construction provides superior puncture resistance against vacuum packaged trays reels and tubes. BENZ Aluminum Barrier Bags are suitable for long-term preservation of materials that need constant environment to maintain their properties.

Product Advantages

  • Extremely low WVTR.
  • Best in class for Long Term storage of materials.
  • Excellent protection from electrostatic-discharge, oxygen, salt spray, UV rays, dust, debris, rust and weather.
  • 4 Layer construction so good tensile strength.
  • Exellent puncture resistance.

Mode of Application

  • Heat Sealing

Technical Properties

Attributes Ref. Method Specifications
Structure   LDPE / PET / AL / PET
Odor   Nil
Thickness μ 150 +/- 5
Melt Flow (190 C) ASTM D 1238 4.0 gm/ 10 in.
Density Mm 1100
Sealing Mm 10 +/- 2
Elongation MD% 90.37
Elongation TD% 85.44
Broken Intensity Kg/mm sq 9.54
Sealing Temp C 165
Surface Resistivity Inner (Ohm/Sq.) 1010
MVTR Grms / Sq. Mtr < 0.006

Storage and Packaging

BENZ PACKAGING Aluminum Barrier Bags / Films are available in Reels, Caps, Sacks, bags and Tubes. This product has a shelf life of 24  months under standard storage conditions. Like most materials, it should be stored out of direct sunlight in temperatures between 4°C and 43°C.

Protection Against Vapour

Propametic barrier films are a range products designed and developed for the packaging of products sensitive to moisture and weathering.
Propametic films are particularly suitable for a long-term presercation of materials that need a constant environment to maintain properties.

Propametic barrier films are multi-layered products obtained laminating of 3 or 4 technical materials supplying a very powerful barrier against water vapor and moisture. In addition to being waterproof, the technical properties of Propametic films give the product a high mechanical resistance and make ot easy to weld.