MIXTRON proportional volumetric dosing pumps use waterpower as the prime driving power to mix and create homogeneous solutions, always proportional to the water volume at the doser inlet and unaffected by variations in flow rate or pressure.

Thanks to their features, the dosing pumps do not require an electrical power supply, making for a practical and flexible solution.

MIXTRON proportional volumetric dosing pumps are suitable for a broad range of applications, wherever precise and constant dosing is a requirement. The main sectors in which our dosing pumps are employed include:


In order to optimize tool life and improve machining quality, it is essential to guarantee a perfect and constant supply of cutting fluid or lubricating oil. Merely by way of example, Mixtron dosers can be used for mixing emulsifiable oils, lubricants, foundry release agents, and so forth.


For healthy and correct care of livestock it is important to integrate feeds with all that is needed to support growth and development. Mixtron dosers are suitable for administering nutrients, vitamins, antibiotics etc., in the correct amounts and constantly, for optimal animal health.


The global development of intensive farming, greenhouses, and hydroponic cultivation, calls for high precision and extremely reliable dosing of fertilizers and pesticides.

Thanks to their ease of application, Mixtron dosers can also be installed on self-propelled vehicles.

We offer poultry disinfection dosing pump, dosing pump for hydroponics, auto dosing for hydroponics, dosing pump for printing machine, and dosing pump for agriculture.


The compact size and special design of Mixtron dosers make them the ideal technical solution for this type of application. Our dosers have various uses in car washes, such as for mixing soaps, detergents, and waxes.


Precision dosing and constant mixing of additives in water purification and disinfection plants is a critical part of the treatment process and end result. Mixtron dosers are the perfect choice to achieve precise chemical dosage percentages and constant operation through time.


Whether for workplaces, public spaces, or animal husbandry facilities, disinfection and sanitation are essential health protection measures. Mixtron dosers ensure the precise and unvarying dosages needed to create clean and healthy environments.